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Friday, April 22, 2011

New Plants and Soup

Astoria, Oregon ~ April 17, 2011

This stand in front of the Astoria Co-op at 1355 Duane Street is one of the places where you can buy baby vegetable plants despite the unseasonably cold weather. They were grown locally by Packy and Teresa at 46 North Farm, and that's one reason I'll probably start here with my annual plant buying if I get around to working my few square feet of ground or buying and fitting out some big pots.

Both doors enter the co-op. If you go in the righthand door, you're immediately treated to yummy fruits and veggies. Inside the lefthand door you will encounter the tastiest homemade soup on the planet. If you do neither, you might want to dream the time away gazing at warped buildings and blue sky in the store's front window. There's even a picnic table with benches provided nearby.

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Anonymous said...

How lovely to do all the things you suggested! Great photo!

Francisca said...

The kind of place I would want to shop for my meal ingredients... if I can get past gawking at the great reflections!

Halcyon said...

I love the big window! I would be afraid to buy their plants though. Mine would probably end up dead and then I'd feel bad. :)

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