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Monday, April 27, 2009

River-front trolley stop in Spring

I took this photo a few days ago on one of our rare sunny days so far this year. The flowering trees were just coming into bloom. This is one of the trolley stops along the River Walk at 14th Street. By the way, my store is on the river at 15th Street, so it's just out of the picture on the left. The city has a refurbished old-time trolley that runs most of the length of the waterfront (here's a photo I took of the trolley in March 2008). It's mainly a tourist thing. The drivers volunteer and the cost to ride is one dollar, no matter how far you ride or how long you stay on the car. It runs all summer and on nice days and weekends during spring and fall. Its schedule is a little erratic, or so it seems to me. When we have a lot of tourists in town from an incoming river boat or cruise ship, the trolley will be running for sure. The drivers talk about history and local color as they show you the sights along the river. The street to the right is Marine Drive, the only non-alphabetical street in the main part of town. It curves and runs along the river and carries most of the westbound traffic through town, as Commercial Street (parallel) is one way going west. I'll have more on that interesting phenomenon soon!

1 comment:

Bubblewench said...

Another great shot! Love the darker sky in the background against the spring trees in contrast with the shelter.. That is a fun trolley ride..

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